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When you and your team travel to Homer City, en route to the Homer-Center High School, and your bus slowly turns and begins trudging up Wildcat Lane, the huge, glowing windows of the HomerDome are likely to catch your eye. As you near the top of the hill, the thrill of the contest in which you will be taking part suddenly sets in.

You quickly file off the bus and make your way into the most remarkable remnant of the school’s Lamarian Era: the gym.

The air is charged with excitement as you quickly glance over the old barn, but hopefully not without appreciation for the unique architectural structure you'll be playing in.

But the design really is something to think about.

One of the most impressive features of the HomerDome are the seven lofty arches – each constructed out of approximately 90 tons of concrete and steel – that support the massive barrel vault roof that rises nearly 40 feet into the night air.

Another defining attribute of the Dome is it's large fiberglass and aluminum window.  The window, made up of nearly 600 fiberglass sections, is over 50 feet wide and 20 feet tall.

Though its service has spanned parts of seven decades, the ‘Dome is one of the area's most modern athletic facilities.

It seats over 900 spectators, and was completely renovated in 1985 and again from 2008-10.  In its most recent renovation, the building was stripped to its concrete subfloor and refurbished with a new playing floor, bleachers and backboards.

The only features retained during the renovation were the fiberglass window (1985), two led scoreboards (1999) and a pair of murals donated by the school’s Class of 2001, which were commissioned during the summer of 1999.

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